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Standard 3D Panel Size 1200 W x 2400 T x 3mm Thickness

  • Lightweight aluminum composite panel
  • 10-year colourfast guarantee
  • Flat packed for Do It Yourself Installation, push the detailed cut sections to create your own 3D effect.


Finishes front and back

  • Colours including Black, Orange, Red, White and Yellow feature a Gloss finish on the front side and the same colour in a matte finish on the back.
  • Silver, Brushed Ali and Mirror Finishes all feature a white backing.
  • Rust Finish is supplied pre-rusted on both sides.


NOT included

  • Fixings
  • Frames
  • Freestanding accessories


For all custom sized enquiries please contact us by emailing info@outerart.com.au


Essential Information! Push OR pull each of the cut sections on the 3D Walls ONCE only. Repeated pushing and pulling of the cut designs will crack the surface of the material and possibly release the cut section from its point of contact. 3D Walls will not be repaired, replaced or refunded if damage has occurred due to repeated pushing and pulling of the individual cut sections.


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